Welcome to Junior High School no. 60 in Poznań


Gimnazjum no. 60 in Poznań was founded on 1st September 1999 pursuant to the City Council’s resolution no. XII/94/III/99 of 20th April 1999.

School motto:

„60 is all students friendly”

Our priorities:

  • Maintaining high level of education and students’ personal culture,
  • Comprehensive development of a student,
  • Sense of security and acceptance of all our students,

Our school has fifteen well-equipped labs including:

  • 5 showrooms with interactive whiteboards. This solution makes the teaching process more attractive and favourably influences learning of biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics and foreign languages.


  • Two IT rooms with the newest hardware and network access


  • Library with multimedia resources and computers
  • Two indoor gymnasiums
  • Outdoor sports complex including new superstructure playground
  • Outdoor gym
  • Canteen serving breakfasts and lunches
  • Nurse room
  • School shop
  • Indoor and outdoor monitoring system

We work in one-shift work system. All classes start their lessons in the morning and the last lesson ends at 14.55.

What makes us unique?

School’s atmosphere:

We believe that every student has a particular talent. Schools job is to expose it and develop in a way that each student can achieve success suitable to his or her capabilities.

Our school has a highly qualified and friendly stuff including school’s pedagogue and psychologist.


Having fifteen classes makes us student-friendly and nobody is anonymous.

Our school puts into practice proprietary curricula and innovation programmes approved by resolutions of the board of teachers and decisions of the Greater Poland Education Superintendent:

  • Journalist-theatrical class syllabus
  • Empirical studies for third class students
  • “Believe in yourself”- preventive-educational classes
  • Drug and violence free school programme
  • Additional classes for students taking final examinations
  • Indywidualne programy nauczania dla dzieci szczególnie zdolnych,
  • Three years of computer studies (in groups so each student works on a computer)
  • A great choice of additional PE classes:
    • Tennis
    • Swimming pool
    • Aerobics
    • Self-defense
    • Dance classes
    • Handball
    • Football
    • Basketball
    • Volleyball
    All groups are class- independent.


Our students take part in projects financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund:

  • "Gain the world with physics, mathematics and entrepreneurship”
  • "Connecting classrooms”


Check your child’s school results using our free of charge electronic grade viewer.

Learning foreign languages:

  • All groups are formed on the basis of placement test results.
  • Students can choose two languages:

  •  English

Students’ accomplishments:

  • Upward tendency final examinations results
  • Laureates of many competitions
  • High sports achievements

A choice of over thirty after-school classes:

  • Science lab
  • IT lab
  • Robot design and programming
  • Language classes
  • Drama
  • Artistic classes
  • Photography
  • Tourists’ club
  • Sports classes
  • Biker’s license course
  • School group of Amnesty International


School trips:

  • Annual boarding schools in the country
  • Integration meetings for freshmen
  • Trips to Warsaw, Berlin, Dresden
  • WPoznań and Greater Poland
  • Summer and winter camps for school’s sports teams


Resilient students council:

  • School events
  • Local events
  • Competitions
  • Discos
  • Charity fund-raising
  • Peer-to-peer teaching club


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